How do I increase the number of repetitions in an approach?

Most people do exercises in the same number of repetitions – eight to ten in the approach. This range will be optimal for men who are looking to develop muscle mass. For women, the same number of repetitions can become a heavy load, it depends on the chosen exercise and preparation. In any case, the range will be fickle, over time, any program addresses the need to do more repetitions to achieve the result.

The number of repetitions depends on what you want to achieve with these workouts. It is known that to increase muscle strength, it is worth working on a small number of repetitions with high weight, as well as working with low weight and a large number of repetitions, but in the second case, the exercises will have to be performed much faster. In order to form the right approach to training, you need to take into account not only the goals, but also your current state. It is important to monitor how performance decreases when performing a certain number of repetitions.

Even a perfectly selected program needs to be adjusted, no matter how carefully you checked your course, the number of repetitions will have to periodically increase. If you ignore this principle, stagnation, called the plateau effect, will come to training.

How to increase the number of repetitions in the approach?
When to increase the number of repetitions?

On average, changes in the number of repetitions occur every 4-6 weeks, but this is an individual indicator. There are exceptions to the rule, for example, training to build muscle mass and improve overall fitness – these are different processes. But you can choose a universal approach – perform exercises in a certain range for 4-6 weeks, then switch to another range and track how the indicators change.
This is called the linear periodization approach.

If the recommendations for performing the exercise indicate a low number of repetitions, it means 2-5 repetitions per approach. The average number is 6-10 repetitions, the high number is 12-15 repetitions in one set. Different ranges can be combined, an American study confirmed the effectiveness of combining different ranges in daily training, for example, Monday – low range, Wednesday – medium, Friday – high.

This approach can be achieved not only with a three-time training mode, it easily adapts to any training model. Adhering to this diet for 4-6 weeks, you can understand how effective it is for you and the tasks assigned to you.

If the chosen strategy suits you, the indicators and results will increase. In this case, after increasing the number of repetitions after 4-6 weeks, the progress will remain in the specified vector, the performance will not be inferior. Another strategy assumes that the number of repetitions will remain the same, the complexity of the program will be increased in another way. Another mechanism for increasing the load is to choose more difficult exercises or, if necessary, switch to heavier ones.

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